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              Activated Clay
                · Oil activated clay
                · Oil activated clay
                · Particles (BTX) activated clay
                · Casting bentonite
                · Metallurgical bentonite
                · Drilling with bentonite
                · Coatings bentonite
                · High purity bentonite
                · Sand cats
                · Organobentonite
                · Pearl Sand
                · Pearl Ball obturator
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              -- About Us --

                 Shenzhen DaJinTian Industrial co.,LTD., which is subordinate to Shenzhen Da Jintian Industrial Co., Ltd., is the largest high-tech enterprise of the largest professional production of bentonite and perlite series products in China. The company is located in the largest non metal mining area in Asia, the non metal mining area in Xinyang, Henan Province, with the reserves of more than 300000000 tons. The products are exported to Europe, Japan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions. High quality ore source combined with the company's advanced production, quality monitoring equipment and scientific management, so that we can provide you with high quality products and perfect after-sales service.

              For a long time, our company has always attached importance to the use and training of talents, and has always been committed to the research and development of products. The main products are high-efficiency activated clay, calcium bentonite, sodium bentonite, perlite adiabatic products, etc. "Jintian" brand efficient active clay won the title of the best product, is the first in the province through the ISO9001 quality system certification unit, the Chinese grain and oil institute oil professional branch member units. The company's products meet the national health standards, widely used in oil refining, oil decolorization, daily chemical industry, textile printing and dyeing, casting, metallurgy, construction materials, sewage treatment and other industries. It is very popular with consumers.

              The products of the company are well known to the domestic and foreign markets. We will, as always. To provide users with quality, cheap products and enthusiasm for users, this is our company's everlasting business objective.

                Shenzhen DaJinTian Industrial co.,LTD.
              Add:2205B,Fumin Jiayuan,No. 9,Fuk Man Road,Futian District,Shenzhen
              Tel:0755-82616393 Fax:0755-82616393
              Contact:Miss fang 13612905632
                The parent:Xinyang big Jintian Mining co.,LTD.
              Add:dark horse Seokchon,Pingqiao District,Xinyang City
              Tel:0376-3221222 Fax:0376-3221222
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